I now have the third part of the ongoing story of a problem installation that I’ve been documenting over the past few weeks:

The builder came on 17/3/11 and cleaned the mortar of the flags at the front and side of the house.He came and went without announcing his presence. The rear flags were not cleaned.
On 24/3/11 the Manufacturer’s technical advisor arrived. Stated foil damage was obviously caused by the frame manufacturer. Also, completely without any prior notice being given to myself, a fitter sent from Leeds arrived to replace the frame with the protruding screw and 2 badly made sashes. Due to the excessively high number of faults revealed when the tape was removed from the front windows, I checked the upper windows off a ladder and again found numerous faults. It was, therefore, pointless for the Leeds fitter to attempt any remedial work. 
Whilst up the ladder I noted a new horizontal hairline crack in the render where the builder had fitted angle iron above the upper window. The mortar bed under the bricks is insufficient, and the slate packing is loose. In fact it can easily be pulled out. The two bell casts done by the builder are odd. The upper being 4” different to the lower one and bowed. The bricks above the WC window are extremely loose. Cracks in the mortar joints above the bathroom and back bedroom have appeared. The installers director informed that this will be OK as the upvc windows are load bearing. If a level is put on 1 cill it rocks, there are two high spots. 
On 24/3/11 The sales director from Leeds was due to arrive at 9am. He did not appear. Nor has he ever made contact with me. The fitter from Leeds confirmed that vandalism had taken place he also stated there were tooling problems in the factory. So Leeds were aware of the faults, but chose to ignore them . They painted over them. 
After showing the faults to the installers director he promised they would be rectified. He stated that if I looked at the windows in his showroom I would see faults on them. Would I have bought them if that was the case? He then said he was going to his showroom, and would return with a letter which he wanted me to sign. I will not disclose the content at this time. I declined to sign. I’m sure this was not legal.
On 24/3/11 I was told it would take a week for new windows to be made. I rang on 5/4/11 and was told they were waiting for some frames. Today is 12/4/11 and they have not contacted me.