I am as a person a determined one by my nature. Give me a task, and I’ll get my teeth stuck into it. Whether it’s for money or just to attain that sense of achievement and accomplishment, I’ll do it, and I’ll do it well.

On that basis, the challenge of ever improving, expanding and growing the business that is part of my family is one of the biggest, and one that I relish. And gratefully so does my brother. We have been given a chance to make something that is already successful, even more so, and to expand it beyond it’s current abilities. And the mood we’re both in right now, you can bet your bottom dollar that that is what is going to happen.

New opportunities are going to present themselves within the next few years which are going to help tap into our ambition, and which is going to help us become more aggressive in a business sense. As these opportunities get closer, we have both been thinking about the long-term possibilities for us and the business, and we both have to keep a lid on our excitement. Patience counts for a lot in this game, but luckily we’ve got that in spades too!

Keep an eye on us. We’re 22 and 21. We’ve got lots to achieve, plenty of time to do it in and the tools to do it with.