The Met Office announced today that this April was the hottest, and driest on record. Which is quite impressive if you consider the records go back 101 years.

These dry conditions have two impacts. One, reservoir, river and canal levels have fallen dramatically. And you just know that the jumpy British Government are going to start issuing hose pipe warning soon. The second impact, in my opinion anyway, is raised sales for home improvement companies. From the beginning of March we have seen pretty much perfect weather. Temperatures above average, way above on some occasions, plenty of sunshine and very little rain (unless you’re in Scotland!). And what do people do when the weather has been like it is? Home improvements. People go out into their gardens, look at their properties and they then see all the de-grading parts of their property. And this spurs them into having work done.

There is a huge difference in January’s and February’s figures compared to March and April’s. Now I know Spring is the time when the industry starts to move into second gear, but when you consider that this April saw a 64% increase in sales compared to April last year (and we did pretty well last year), you have to contemplate that the brilliant recent weather has cheered up an economically depressed spending public.