The two biggest forms of social media on the planet right now are Twitter and Facebook. Both these platforms have allowed people from all over the world to get in touch with each other, share information and pictures, and just generally chat. But how have these platforms been beneficial to the world of windows?

Taking a look at Twitter first, I’ve always thought that it’s been more of a tool for those in the profession to contact other like-minded people, rather than it be a form of advertising to potential customers. Not everyone in this country is on Twitter like they are Facebook. Being limited to only 140 characters puts a big restraint on how much information you can put across. Also, customers looking for a full house of windows and doors aren’t going to buy on the basis on what is said in 140 characters. However I do believe it’s been a great tool for those in the industry who wish to communicate with each other. Without Twitter, or Facebook, the only way to electronically communicate would have been through email, which is all well and good but it can be slow if the recipient isn’t in front of their screen. Twitter is quicker, more concise and more accessible thanks to smart phone’s carrying Twitter applications.

Facebook however, I believe has the better chance of connecting with potential customers. It doesn’t have a limit to how much you can write on your company pages. You can add as many images as you wish. All the extra information you can display on your pages means you have a better chance of attracting new leads from browsing customers. It’s also a more interactive platform, with things such as the ‘like’ button, people can join a group associated with your company, customers can post testimonials etc. But from a company to company point of view, I still believe Twitter is the better of the two platforms.

There will be some of you that agree with me and some that don’t, but I’m just speaking from a personal view point. I have far more conversations with fellow professionals on Twitter than I do on Facebook. And I do give Facebook a chance as I use Tweetdeck which allows you to post to Facebook and Twitter at the same time.

What I’d really like to know is if any of you think these two social media platforms will ever have a bigger impact on company advertising and their ability to generate new leads. Or do you think they will stay in the shadow of the traditional company website?