For those who take an interest in this sort of thing, you will know that oil has dropped from $126 per barrel to $109 at close of play last night. This is one of the sharpest drops seen in recent months.

I recently watched an interview on the BBC where the expert being asked the questions explained that for very $2 oil goes up, the petrol at our pumps rises by 1p. So by that logic, with oil now at $110 per barrel, $16 has been shed, which means in about a months time (which is how long it takes for oil bought at today’s prices to filter through to market) petrol should have come down at least 8p! Bringing the cost of petrol here in Wakefield down to £126.9. Yes it’s still expensive, but 8p off a litre would be extremely useful right now.

So, listen up BP, Shell, Esso, Gulf, Jet, Morrisons, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and any other business that sells petrol and diesel. Show us all that you do truly care for your customers and lower prices according to this drop in oil prices as soon as is possible. You’re all very quick to slap on rises the minute oil goes up (not allowing for that 4 week period for prices to naturally filter through), but we all know how SLOW you all are to bring your prices down.

To all my readers, while in the office on Saturday, I’m going to email this post to every company mentioned above to ask them to take the time to read what is above, and to see if any of them will bother to reply and assure us that these lower oil prices will reflect in lower petrol costs, even if they only last a few days before prices go back up again.