Oil Price Continues To Slide, But What Impact At The Pumps?

If you're into your business news and keep an eye on what is going up and what is going down, you'll know that when it comes to the price of oil, it has been down, and been going down for months. In fact it has dropped 40% since June. At the time of writing, these [...]

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Why This Oil Investigation Matters

So, most of you will probably now have heard of the raids on BP and Shell offices in London, in connection with an investigation into possible oil price fixing. Though many of us won't be surprised, this investigation is going to be incredibly important. Whether you drive or not, the price of oil, and in [...]

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>It’s PVCu, But Not As We Know It!

>PVCu recycling has been around in the industry for a few years now. Some post consumer waste goes towards being made into things such as insulation and other similar things. Some post consumer waste goes back into making new PVCu frames. So what direction does the industry need to take when it becomes too expensive and [...]

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>We Have To Get Off The Black Stuff!

>There are still undercurrents of massive danger that lie beneath the weak global economic recovery. One of those currents is the HUGE amount of debt countries have above their heads. The U.S. has just reached £14.3 TRILLION, which just also happens to be their ceiling, so no more room there for any more debt, which [...]

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>Ethics Test

>For those who take an interest in this sort of thing, you will know that oil has dropped from $126 per barrel to $109 at close of play last night. This is one of the sharpest drops seen in recent months.I recently watched an interview on the BBC where the expert being asked the questions [...]

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