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Paying For The Next Increase

By now everyone should be aware that there is a very steep price increase on glass coming our way very soon. It was announced weeks ago now, but as we enter a new financial year at the start of April, we should be seeing these increases being implemented fairly soon. Pilkington was the first to [...]

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Glass Prices To Shoot Up

It wouldn't be a British recovery without a great big bump in the road, and that bump is coming in April in the form of a rather sharp price increase in the cost of glass. Yesterday @DoubleGlazeHour spoke about price increases of between 25-40% across all types of glass. If memory serves me correctly, this [...]

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When To Accept A Price Increase

Everyone hates them. Price increases. They're never welcome and only make doing business that little bit harder. Most of us threaten/complain to our suppliers and force them to swallow up some, if not all of it. It's helpful to you as an installer, but damaging to your supplier. So should we all just be accepting [...]

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We Create Our Own Problems

There has been much discussion over the past couple of weeks about pricing both on a national scale and locally. We saw this week the trouble at Uniglaze, which then sparked conversations on here, and on Twitter, about the way the industry goes about it's pricing. Lets face it guys and gals, a lot of [...]

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Cheap Prices Are Wrong

Don't let that blog title deceive you, I'm not saying that all prices for all products should be expensive! Let me explain... I drove past a Carpet Right van the other day. On it's side it said: "driving prices down". But that then got me to thinking about the whole supply chain, not just of [...]

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Pilkington First To Raise Prices

Well, it looks like my post earlier on in the month about the glass cartel about to raise their prices is coming to fruition. I have learned on the Twittersphere that Pilkington are due to raise their prices from 1st August 2012, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the rest will follow very [...]

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Glass Cartel To Raise Prices…Again.

I have been told today that Pilkington, Saint-Gobain and the rest of the glass cartel are ready to either 'raise prices or they have done already.' Oil is down, petrol and diesel prices have come down, operating costs haven't shot up over the past few months as far as I'm aware, so why the sudden [...]

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Raft Of Price Increases May Be On Its Way

I have had reports over the last couple of days that suppliers are now increasing their prices from the beginning of June. One of my followers tweeted me today to say that GAP had informed him of a price increase on their products today and was blaming it on the increase in the price of [...]

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>How Long Until The Next Price Increase?

>I don't want to jinx anything, but have you noticed that the price increase letter sent from our manufacturers and suppliers seems to have dried up?There was a period last year where it seemed that nearly every week most of us were receiving letters explaining rather large increases from immediate effect or within 7 days. [...]

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>Review Of The Year: 2011

>I know there are about 3 and a bit weeks left of the year, but I thought I might as well claim my spot and be the first to do a review of the year...from my point of view anyway!UncertaintyBefore the bad years, the industry could count on the typical buying pattern. Beginning of the [...]

>No More Price Increases?

>I don't want to tempt fate here, but has everyone noticed that the steady stream of price increase letters from suppliers seems to have dried up a little?During the spring and early summer installation companies were inundated almost every week with letters from suppliers explaining how costs were going up. Glass suppliers were the worst [...]

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>Update On Oil Price Crusade!

>A couple of weeks ago I received and email from Justin King, CEO of Sainsbury's, in reply to my email questioning petrol prices. So below is his reply, and my reply to his after that:Dear Mr ************ Thank you for your email. I understand your concerns about fuel prices, especially as they are at a [...]

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>Fuel Prices On The Rise Again

>The start of the week saw Scottish Power announce that it was raising it's gas prices by a staggering 19% and electricity by a further 10% by August this year. It begs the question; why are we paying so much for gas when there is so much of it around? It's not in the same [...]

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>Ethics Test

>For those who take an interest in this sort of thing, you will know that oil has dropped from $126 per barrel to $109 at close of play last night. This is one of the sharpest drops seen in recent months.I recently watched an interview on the BBC where the expert being asked the questions [...]

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>Are Reduced Margins A Certainty?

>A bit of a debate started yesterday on Glasstalk about margins and how they will naturally become less due to the mature market place, competition and struggling economy. As proof of the opposite, I'm taking the view that just because things aren't so easy, there are ways to stay profitable.One way to increase margins is [...]

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