You’re probably all aware by now, that the Grimsvotn volcano is sending a dense cloud of ash our way. Only 13 months after the Effayayaya…(whatever) volcano sent a cloud of ash over Europe which pretty much shut the whole continent down for days. But after the last eruption, are we going to handle this one a little better and a little calmer?

Maybe not. So far tonight Loganair has cancelled 36 flights (which is a lot for a small regional character), KLM has cancelled 16 flights to Scotland and northern England, Flybe has cancelled all flights from Aberdeen and Inverness, British Airways has cancelled flights from London to Scotland and Easyjet have cancelled all flights to and from Scotland. To say that the cloud has only just reached UK shores, that’s a lot of cancelled flights.

Despite officials saying that there won’t be as much disruption, airlines still won’t want to risk their planes and passengers if they don’t have to. Hopefully, their flight routes can be directed around the cloud, limiting the number of cancellations.

The last time the volcanic ash struck, there was an economical impact. Airlines had to pay out for stuck passengers’ accommodation and travel, travelers had to spend thousands to get home via other forms of transport through other countries, courier planes also couldn’t make their deliveries.

All being well, the current eruption won’t last as long, and the weather will help push the ash quickly out of our airspace. That way it won’t become another national farce!