I completely forgot to do my review for April this year! I don’t know how because we had a cracking month!

April for us was actually our second best month in about 3 years by my reckoning. April carried on where March had left off. Lead levels were high, as were sales. But not only that, the sales coming in were ones of high value i.e. lots of full houses and conservatories.

The spread of the sales were distributed evenly throughout the month, meaning there was no sudden dip if we were to have had a quieter week. Even though there were actually five working weeks during the month, there were also plenty of Bank Holidays which to cancel out that fifth week.

The weather was good throughout the month, which probably had a positive influence on the public’s spending mood. 

Because our performance during April was so good, it meant that the pressure to meet our targets for the rest of the quarter were greatly reduced. However, we won’t be letting our foot off the gas pedal just yet!