Ok, so it appears that I may have been a bit slow on the uptake of this news, but I learned today that Veka has bought, or is about to buy WHS Halo. Then later on in another tweet it was described as a merger. So whats the story here?

It’s obvious that there are people out there who know more than me, so here is your opportunity to spill the beans if you so wish! Anonymously of course! Or not!

The stuff that people will really want to know is how close this deal actually is. How much is the deal worth? How drastic will product change be? Will there be job losses? If anybody knows what the answers to these questions are, you know where the comment box is!

UPDATE: information has come to me stating that there may be an announcement on Friday regarding the sale, and that there is another unknown buyer in the race for WHS Halo. If this unknown buyers does purchase Halo, they plan to keep everything the way it as at Halo, with the only change being a warehouse move to Coventry. If Veka were to buy Halo, it’s said that they want to move all operations to Burnley. The Halo brand is likely to stay. There are too many big customers to lose if the brand was sent to the scrap heap.

Any more information that comes my way I’ll post it as soon as I have it.

UPDATE 2: an anonymous commenter has just left a note below saying that Synseal have bought Spectus. This is unverified, but he/she has said that the information is reliable, but cannot say any more right now. Obviously if more comes to light, I’ll let it be known.