Well, if we thought the News Of The World group could have stooped to new lows in order to publish gossip and stories, we found out for sure today.

It appears that during police investigations to find missing Milly Dowler, the News Of The World it seems managed to hack into her phone, being able to listen to messages sent to her by her family while they were distressing about her disappearance. While this act alone is purely appalling, it does get a lot worse.

The paper was able to hack into the voice mail facility and delete some of the voice messages left by her family, thus giving her family the impression that Milly had deleted them herself, giving them false hope that she was actually still alive – utterly repulsive.

Now I’m sorry, but the claims by the editors saying that the boss at the time, Rebekah Wade, didn’t know about these actions, is complete bullshit! Something this serious would surely not have been given the go-ahead without her say so. And if it is proved that she did know, then it goes to show how completely rotten to the core the paper, and it’s parent company News International is.

We all know that most red-top paper journalists are without a conscience, but to delve into something so personal, twisting the emotions of the Dowler family, is beyond contemptible. The perpetrators absolutely must be brought to justice and be made an example of in the courts, in full view of a very angry public. 

This has nothing to do with windows, but this is something so disgusting and serious, I felt it right that I do a post on the subject. I personally think we should now be doing more to protest against this paper and it’s awful practices. I also don’t think it would be a bad idea to boycott Rupert Murdoch – to prove a point and make clear to him what we all think of him.

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