It’s emerged that the Yunlin County Government in Taiwan forced Nan Ya, producers of composite door panels exported to the UK, to shut down 5 of it’s production plants after two fires broke out on 12th and 18th of May.

According to Nan Ya, these closures are causing a daily loss of around NT$8.4 million (I’m not quite sure how much that is in sterling!). It is unsure how these plant closures will affect both supply and prices here in the UK. It is also unsure how much of an effect these closures are having on production of the composite door products.

These problems come on the back of Japanese difficulties after one of the PVC production plants, which supplies Europe with around 40% of it’s supply, was forced to shut in order to conserve energy for the rest of the country. It is unclear whether the plant has now re-opened.

UPDATE 6/7/11: it has been made clear by the comment below that it is only the petrochemical area of the business that has been affected, and not the composite door sector.