Everyone is talking about it, so there may as well be a poll gauging whether we all think the introduction of Tesco into the home improvements sector will be a good or bad thing for the industry.

Personally, I’m thinking it could potentially be bad for business. If a giant such as Tesco manages to make a good go of it, and word spreads through to the general public, then this will make trading conditions even tougher.

They are probably going to have an enormous impact though. The company itself makes more profit in a year than what the whole industry is worth in total. They actually generate around £1 billion in sales per week. They are looking to roll their services out nationally, creating a network of approved partners. 

Some businesses may turn their noses up at this. But when you consider the size of the Tesco brand, it’s reach to so many customers, the amount of leads a business could receive could be enormous.

Many will probably feel uncomfortable going down that road. There are many well established businesses in our sector that will be unwilling to be sucked into the Tesco business Juggernaut, fearful that their name would be lost in their local area. Pride takes a big stand in business. 

I can see why Tesco have moved into the market. The Government are about to launch their ‘Green Deal’, and want to be there when the influx of new business arrives. However this is going to put the rest of us at a possible disadvantage, in an already saturated and over-competitive market. The coming months will tell us all we need to know.

This I’m sure will have a big impact on our industry, so whether you think this is good or bad, please vote.

UPDATE: blogger seems to be struggling with all types of polls at the moment. So apologies if your vote hasn’t appeared. I am looking to find a solution. In the meantime, I have put the original post back up. While I’m out seeing customers for the next little while, please try voting again to see if the manage to be counted.

UPDATE 2: I’ve now taken the embedded poll off from the right hand side – it just wasn’t working. So, I’ve given this subject it’s own page: Tesco Windows – Poll. You’ll find it on the right hand side in the pages section, or just click here.