To save my precious typing fingers, I’ll just say that June was pretty much exactly the same as May. If you want to know how May went, click here to have a read of that post.

However on a national scale the story the picture tells is one worth writing.

It really is a tale of two haves right now. It seems that you’re either doing very well at the moment or doing quite bad. If you speak to anyone in the industry right now they could tell you of two businesses they know, one doing well, one on it’s arse.

I think what this proves is that there are businesses that are willing to work hard and go find the business, and ones that are just hoping the business will come and find them. 

I’ll end on a question: is it worth me doing these posts? The reason I ask is that they’re not as substantial as my other posts. I don’t really like to talk about the company I work for in too much detail because quite honestly I don’t want to give anything away to my competitors, so that restricts very much what I can write. I rely on portraying the national picture which makes up most of my post. So if people think I should pack these types of posts in then I will.