I had toyed with a couple of openings to this post, but neither of them could sum up the utter disgust and revulsion that I felt at the sheer lawlessness that has been going on around the country over the last few days. 

The transformation of the peaceful protest at the shooting of Mark Duggan in Tottenham, to the extreme violence and disorder we are seeing now is abhorrent. Rioters and anarchists used this as an excuse to run amok in the country’s cities. This trouble has reached a point where no reason is valid or justified.

The distressing thing about all this is that people’s homes, businesses and lives were being directly targeted by these youths – absolutely no regard for other people. At a time when the economy is very ill, when people cannot afford for their businesses to be shut for one day, this is the worst scenario for them to be facing right now.

What I’m struggling to comprehend is how little the police seem to be able to do against these scum bags. We have water cannons, tear gas, rubber and plastic bullets, why the hell aren’t we using them! Any other country would have done by now! I know we’re supporting the Arab uprising, but that’s because they’re fighting for democracy, we’re already there! So no comments calling me a hypocrite please!

One trend that has come about through these trouble are the rumours that are started on the social networking sites. Many are proven to be untrue, but there is a danger that rumours could develop into actual trouble, given how volatile the country is right now. It’s best just to listen to what is being confirmed on the news channels.

We can only hope, pray and shout out against these thoughtless acts of violence, and that they end soon. We must support the police in their action against these thugs. I know we often complain about them, but they are doing a very brave job right now, trying to restore calm to many major cities in the UK, putting their lives in danger so ours are protected.