At a time when living costs are rising at an alarming rate, raw material costs have never been so high and when peoples spending power has been severely reduced, has triple glazing arrived in the market at the wrong time?

The benefits are obvious, they achieve a U-value that current A rated double glazed windows can’t do at the moment. But there will obviously be a price different between the double and triple glazed options, and this may be hard to push. Given the choice between a very good A rated double glazed window and a triple glazed one, it may be difficult to justify to the customer why they need to spend more on shaving off a few fractions from the U-value.

And just a point on the new triple glazing website using super heroes as a way to promote the product. I can understand the novelty of the idea, but personally I wouldn’t have used something which does seem a little gimmicky to push what is a very new and high end product. I would have gone down the luxury and high end road, but that’s just my opinion.

I still think that the energy efficiency of standard double glazed windows will improve further, and if this is the case, this will add to the argument of not paying more for an extra pane of glass just to slice of a bit more for the U-value.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think the idea of the triple glazing is one that will work for the industry, just maybe not now when people’s purses are squeezed tighter than ever.