Finally, windows and doors look set to be recognized by our Government, by being included in the Green Deal, due to hit our shops October 2012. But this isn’t going to be enough to help our beleaguered industry. Any advantage caused by the introduction of the Green Deal looks set to be swallowed up by super-companies such as Tesco.

Energy efficient windows should be granted the same VAT status as other energy efficient home improvements. If windows are going to be promoted to the same levels as insulation and others, then they should also be given the same VAT break. There will be obvious positive cost implications for the whole industry, and will help put replacement windows and doors at the forefront of people’s minds.

The GGF did well to lobby the Government into including replacement windows and doors for the Green Deal. Maybe it can throw it’s weight behind a campaign to allow energy efficient windows and doors to qualify for 5% VAT status. I know that this is something the whole industry would get behind and fully support.