Some very smart people in South Korea have produced a new type of ‘smart glass’, which has the potential be cheaper and be more reliable than the current market offering.

How does it work? The glass is laced with a charge counterion polymer, which darkens in seconds when outside air temperatures become high – keeping the inside of your home cool. But crucially, the glass is able to become completely transparent in seconds during colder times of the year, meaning the glass can make the most of the sunshine on offer to create heat.

Korean scientists: “This type of light control system may provide a new option for saving on heating, cooling and lighting costs through managing the light transmitted into the interior of a house.”

There have been skeptics of the current energy efficient glass on offer, and how well it really works in harnessing the sun’s light, and the overall efficiency of the window. But with the creation of a type of glass that can be physically seen to change appearance due to the climate, it may help put that issue to bed.

The other plus point are the reports that it could be quite a bit cheaper than the current glass options available. This has to be welcome news for the whole industry. Installers and unit manufacturers alike would welcome the introduction of this new product, while hoping at the same time that the glass cartel don’t take advantage and slap a premium price on it!