My post about Why Advertising Does Not Work, seemed to cause a bit of a stir.

The whole point of that post was just to convey another way of looking at advertising and the effects of it. Personally I can see how the theory works, and that we probably should factor it in when we consider advertising campaigns. However I was not saying that no one should be advertising altogether. 

The theory was established back in 1944. The original Game Theory was created to try to explain how a game could end in different ways depending what decisions were made at the beginning. This same theory was then applied to other areas of life.

The problem is though that this theory is nearly 70 years old, and was diluted somewhat when it was applied to other examples. However I do still believe there is a degree of logic in what is being said. 

I’m still all for advertising, but just for it to be done properly. If the company I work for came up to me and said that we were not going to do any form of advertising at all, I would say they were being reckless and over the top. 

For advertising to work, it needs to be appealing to the customer visually and audibly. With something in it that will make customers want to get of their arse and buy whatever it is you’re selling. At the moment, I think double glazing ads are lacking a little bit. Though to be honest, I’ve always thought that you can never make a decent advert about double glazing anyway!