This Is One Of The Best Glazing Industry Ads I’ve Seen In A While

It takes a lot to grab my attention when it comes to glazing industry advertising. Much of it is very dull. Especially when it comes to video and TV advertising. To me, it's very difficult to create a decent TV advert, given the reputation of the industry and the often tacky and cheap way windows [...]

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The Yellow Pages Gets Smaller, Again!

Has everyone got their new version of the Yellow Pages? I did. Look at the image above, that's the Yellow pages I got through my letter box the other week. If we ever needed proof that this sort of thing was dead in the water, this is it! Remember how the Yellow Pages used to [...]

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To Stay In Yellow Pages Or Not Stay In Yellow Pages?

That is the question. It is directory book advertising renewal time and I am seriously doubting the impact that these books, such as Yellow Pages, BT Phonebook and Thompson Local have now. When I started seven years ago, just before online advertising really took off, I can remember taking lead after lead from these directories. [...]

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Using Your Marketing Budget Properly

Times are changing in our industry. The flow of money that once used to ebb quite freely is quickly drying up. Profit margins are increasingly tighter and less and less fat every year. There just isn't the amounts of money now in our industry as there used to be. Therefore, the use of the various [...]

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Still Think Magazines Work?

You should see the pile of industry magazines that are piling up in one of our back rooms! We get every issue of every single magazine every month. There's probably ten trees worth of paper stacked up in there. And I can tell you, what a waste of paper it is! Not a waste as [...]

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More Opinion Required

The debate has been rumbling on in Twitterland for the last few months. What is with the lack of real content in the industry magazines?! When I joined the industry nearly 6 years ago, the magazines were full of stories, proper stories. They included company bankruptcies, mergers, special columns from highly regarded people within the [...]

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>Advertise On This Site!

>Over the last couple of months, with the site gaining more momentum and the readership expanding, I have been considering the viability of placing some carefully arranged adverts on this site!So, this is your opportunity to get your company on a site that is growing at a fast pace. Why not advertise on a site [...]

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>It’s Only A Theory!

>My post about Why Advertising Does Not Work, seemed to cause a bit of a stir.The whole point of that post was just to convey another way of looking at advertising and the effects of it. Personally I can see how the theory works, and that we probably should factor it in when we consider [...]

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>Why Advertising Does Not Work

>Flicking through the TV channels last night, I heard a rather interesting theory which went on to explain that advertising may not actually work.I forget exactly how the explanation of that theory goes (think it's called Game Theory, created by John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern in 1944), but I do know how it was [...]

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>I’m Adding A Few Ads

>I've been toying with the idea of putting adverts on my site for a while now. The traffic to my site has been steadily building over the last few months, and with me being lucky enough to be writing in a couple of magazines now, I would like to think that traffic will improve further [...]

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>Advertising. The selling of a dream or idea. One of the most important parts of a business.Advertising can be split into two different types. The first is the typical direct advertising. TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, leaflets and now the internet. These are the most upfront ways of getting across whatever message or idea your trying [...]

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>We received the latest edition of the Wakefield and Leeds Yellow Pages last week and we were astounded how depleted the 'Double Glazing Installers' section has become. The recession has really hit the advertising budgets for double glazing companies hard. The question that then springs to mind is how many of these companies not advertising [...]

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>New Month, Great Start

>It's the first of May and we've started in great fashion, plenty of appointments booked and sales made. Were hoping that the beginning of summer, coupled with the forecast of a warm, dry summer, will bring a boost to the double glazing industry, and the signs are good. Were becoming busier month on month (which [...]

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