I’ve been going to the gym recently and I’m starting to feel and look fitter…finally! Once you get me into something, I get into a routine and I’m usually able to stick to it. So I got to thinking today I should probably use this to my advantage and apply my preference to running to something worthwhile and beneficial to others.

So, I’ve thought about doing a charity run. It might sound a bit boring at first. Running is running. Nothing much spectacular about that, and I’m too much of a wuss to jump out of a plane or attach my legs to a bungee rope. So instead of doing a piddly half marathon or anything else similar, I thought I might expand my idea and do something a little bit ridiculous to say I’ve never done any long-distance running. Therefore, I’m thinking of doing a charity run from Wakefield to Aberystwyth!

According to Google Maps, it’s 162 miles from home to Aberystwyth. It says it would take 2 days and 6 hours if I were to walk using the A487 as my route. Obviously I’m not going to walk. I’m thinking of spreading the run out to 27 miles per day, for six days, so just over a marathon a day for nearly a week. I think if I do roughly 5-6mph I could probably do it between 4-5 hours per day. I’m not a marathon runner, I’m not aiming for a quick time, long distance is my goal.

I’m currently undecided as to what charity to donate my proceedings to. I’m not aware of how to set this up, who to go to for help etc. So, I’m relying on you lot to help me out with this. Please let give me suggestions for charities, how much you would be prepared to donate and how to get this thing off the ground!

I’m pretty determined to do this. If I think I can get the support then this is something that is definitely going to happen.

Feedback very much needed on this one please!