>2012 is nearly upon us, and as always, the question on what resolution to make for yourself comes up.

Mine would have been to join a gym and keep regular, but I’m already doing that so that isn’t an option. My yearly resolution for work is always to sell more than the year before, luckily I’m quite good at achieveing that, so can’t really use that one either.

So, I may as well look to improve my blogs traffic. These are my targets:

1. I want to reach a steady 3000 visits per month. This seems do-able as I managed to reach that last November and blitzed over 4000 visits during June of this year. 

2. This is the tougher one. I’d like to break the 10,000 page views per month barrier for the next 12 months, accumulating 120,000 page views for the year. I’m going to have to average roughly 350 page views per day in order to do so, which I think is more than possible. But just to put this in some perspective, it’s taken me nearly three years to reach 92,000 page views, so it will be one hell of an achievement if I manage to do it!

As always, I’ll update my monthly stats page so you can all see my progress! So, expect lots of blog posts and you’ll see plenty of me on your Twitter time line!