>How Long Until The Next Price Increase?

>I don't want to jinx anything, but have you noticed that the price increase letter sent from our manufacturers and suppliers seems to have dried up?There was a period last year where it seemed that nearly every week most of us were receiving letters explaining rather large increases from immediate effect or within 7 days. [...]

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>More Doors

>Let me ask you a question: did you find that you sold more doors than normal?I sold A LOT of doors during the second half of 2011. Maybe people were prioritizing doors above windows as they see doors as more of a security risk. Maybe there were more knackered old doors that needed replacing than [...]

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>First Day Back

>It was the first official day back in the office today, and it was a surprisingly brisk start to the new business year!We had been open at various points during Christmas and New Year, and took some decent quality leads and some sales too. Not bad to say we're approaching another recession and it was [...]

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>Happy New Year!

>I hope you all had a fantastic New Years Eve! I did, so much so that I seem to have a slightly fuzzy memory after 1am!It's time to put to the rest what was the difficult year of 2011, and look forward to more opportunities this new year. Most of Europe's leaders are warning of [...]

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>New Targets

>2012 is nearly upon us, and as always, the question on what resolution to make for yourself comes up.Mine would have been to join a gym and keep regular, but I'm already doing that so that isn't an option. My yearly resolution for work is always to sell more than the year before, luckily I'm [...]

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>Improvements For 2012

>Sometimes the best way to improve things is to ask those that use your service/product what they would like to see changed. So, for 2012, I would like your feedback on what you would like to see changed and improved on this site for 2012.It can be absolutely anything; appearance, content, layout upgrades, themes, less/more [...]

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>Review Of The Year: 2011

>I know there are about 3 and a bit weeks left of the year, but I thought I might as well claim my spot and be the first to do a review of the year...from my point of view anyway!UncertaintyBefore the bad years, the industry could count on the typical buying pattern. Beginning of the [...]

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