If you’ve been following me on Twitter, many of you will know I have been going to the gym on a regular basis for about the last 3 months or so. I started to go as I was starting to get a bit flabby round the front and sides (I couldn’t fit in to one of my best suits!), I was feeling lethargic, sluggish and generally unfit.

So I took the plunge and joined the gym late October/early November (can’t remember which!), and I am already starting to see and feel the difference. Appearance is certainly starting to change (much to the delight of my girlfriend haha!). I’m losing the stomach and love handles at the sides. Arms are becoming more toned, as is the beer belly. In fact all upper body has improved quite well.

But what I have also noticed is that I’m feeling far fitter now than I have done in quite a long time. The lethargy has gone. I look less tired even though I’m actually sleeping less at the moment! I’m more focused in the office. I’m zipping about the office at the same speed now as when I first started. I’m getting far more done in all areas of my work, and in my opinion to a better standard. So this leads me to wonder, does a fitter salesmen make a better salesmen? So far I would answer yes! Also, I’ve cut out the booze! I’m bored of hangovers and quite enjoy waking up on a Saturday or Sunday morning not feeling like crap!

Should all salesmen take it upon themselves to lead a healthier lifestyle to improve their sales performance? I don’t think companies should make it compulsory for their staff to alter their regimen to suit a better way of living, but maybe helpful advice could provide that little nudge? Just speaking out loud here, could be talking crap again!

I maintain however that since going to the gym and improving my diet I feel far better for it, and it has definitely had a positive impact on my work. So, does a fitter salesman make a better salesman? It certainly does!