First strikes, and now job losses. I have learned that 19 jobs are to go at Total Window Systems in Devon, a company within the Epwin Group.

I’m reluctant to say that these job losses are a reaction/punishment for the strikes actually taking place. More likely it is the harsh economic environment that every window company is having to battle through in order to keep surviving. And in order to survive, tough measures sometimes have to be taken, hence these redundancies.

It can be argued that the last few months have been tough for both DB Glass and Total Window Systems. The strike last month managed to attract the attention of the local BBC stations. Of course it was covered on this site too, with probably much less of an impact! Staff during that time were able to make it clear that they were thoroughly unhappy, something which any business tried hard to avoid. These job losses only ensure the troubling times continue for a little while longer.

As always, I welcome comments, reactions or any further information from both the company and it’s staff, if they wish to air their views.