Elderly residents at Meldone House and Armeston House, in Sheepsway House, New Malden have been told that they will have to wait at least another two years before their old windows can be replaced.

The windows in currently are single glazed, drenched in condensation, have black mould growing and is causing the plaster to crumble away. With great attention already on how badly our elderly population are treated in this country, surely this is only going to reinforce that ‘can’t be bothered’ image of care facilities in this country.

The firm in charge of the housing estates have acknowledged that the windows are in a poor condition, but are choosing to spend the allotted money in April on renovating the interiors of the properties in order to meet the Government’s Decent Living standards by 2016.

So they have 4 more years in which to sort out the insides of these homes, yet feel that this is a more pressing matter than replacing SINGLE glazed windows which are clearly becoming a health hazard and having a dramatic effect on the property in terms of heating, condensation and damp damage and perished plaster.

The families have been campaigning for new double glazed windows to be installed, and said they will continue to do so.

Frankly I think it is a disgrace that the residents of these homes are having to put up with these terrible conditions. They rely on their housing associations and other people to make sure things are taken care of and that living standards are kept well, at the moment, they have been let down, are are continuing to be let down. Hopefully with this story now being live on the web and on this blog, Kingston Council might want to re-think it’s decision to hold off installing new double glazed windows which would greatly improve the living conditions of their residents.

You can find the full story here: http://www.yourlocalguardian.co.uk/news/local/kingstonnews/9551255.Mouldy_windows_set_to_stay_for_two_more_years/