There has been plenty of discussion over the last few weeks about the value of online advertising in this industry, and how more and more advertising is going online. Now, something is on the horizon that could change the way the industry does it marketing forever. The idea is MyTradeTV.

The concept behind MyTradeTV is this; to provide companies a place to advertise their wares by not just writing about them and including the odd image, but to expand that completely to include videos, reviews, complete photo galleries, web links and company directories. Why videos? Well, with customers using the internet more and more to research companies when choosing to replace their windows and doors, it’s important to keep content fresh, engaging and interactive. The great thing with videos is that they can be used to demonstrate anything, explain anything, advertise anything. It’s more interactive than writing on a screen and can get more information to the customer easier than 10 written paragraphs ever could.

The MyTradeTV internet channel is all about making the industry more accessible to the customer. Providing the industry with a fresher, more modern image and a tool in which the industry can use to help improve our reputation. It will be ever expanding. The more people/companies get on board, the more content there will be to search through. To help shape it the way the industry wants and needs it, there has been a very short survey created to help garner feedback. I would be hugely grateful if your could all take just a couple of minutes to answer these questions. Your information will be used to help create something which could completely revolutionise our industry. You can find the survey here: