I mentioned this in January and I think that its worth mentioning again, that the start of this year has been far better than anyone expected.

Twitter so far this year has been full of companies reporting very busy starts to the year. MPN Windows in Wales have been big tweeters of how positive the industry seems to be down there.

@mpnwindows: Looking down on our factory floor it’s choco block with glass and frames bulging !!!

Others have tweeted similar positive remarks throughout the course of the first two months of the year. At the end of last year, there were many predictions, including some from myself that the start of 2012 could be a bloodbath in the industry which could see hundred of companies going to the wall. I am pleased to say that many were wrong. I really do hope that the hype on Twitter and all the positive propaganda posted online is true, because if so, it would paint a picture of an industry that has once again proved that it is more resilient than most people give it credit for.

I think one factor that is playing a big part is the adjustment of the general public to higher costs. £1000 for a door isn’t surprising people anymore. People have now lived with spiraling living costs for a fair few years now, and have had to adjust to higher costs just as a fact of life. Where as the prices of windows and doors have stayed relatively similar over the last 5 years due to super-high competition and the fear of raising prices.

On a more personal level, we reached our Q1 target last week and are now using March to help make an early start on smashing Q2 targets.

What ever the reason for this better-than-expected start, I’m sure you’ll all agree when I say long may it continue and to make sure we keep the positive mood going online in Twitterland and in blogs!