The Green Deal has been hit by a number of massive setbacks over the past few months, by both independent research and the Government’s own research body. The research has shown the both the Government, potential Green Deal installers and the public just simply aren’t ready for it yet.

Installers are worried that when the deal has been set up, most of the business will be snapped up by the mega-companies that haven’t entered double glazing after having no previous experience in the industry. The Government is realizing that the deal actually takes away obligations from existing schemes which will force the public to take it upon themselves to start the home improvement process themselves, which they now know that most won’t. The public also isn’t ready yet as the process from start to finish is still overly complicated. Most installers and indeed some potential Green Deal financiers still believe that the deal needs to be simplified and that more guarantees need to be made to make sure that the smallest companies within the industry get to take advantage of the new business that may be generated.

There is clearly still a lot of work to do. I believe that the Green Deal was also hit by the resignation of Lib Dem MP Chris Huhne. He took a great deal of time putting together and working on the deal. But with the arrival of a new energy secretary, the learning process on the Green Deal for him will mean that any further progress on getting the scheme to the industry and public is going to be stunted.

I personally don’t think the deal will be ready for October 2012. I really wish it was, but I don’t think it will. There’s no point trying to rush this through. If the scheme is implemented before it is ready then it could do more damage than good. Time needs to be taken to analyze the results of all the research has been done. Put right the wrongs and go back to the industry to present a revamped scheme that makes sure everyone is guaranteed to benefit.

My prediction is that the Green Deal will, and should, be ready early 2013, maybe Spring.