Catchphrases. Every business has one. Game shows have them, even really nerdy people have them.

The most famous…sorry infamous ones have been penned by Safestyle UK. You know the ones, the ones that are shouted at you ruining your evening meal by that irritating Northerner! Well surely in this modern industry our best creative minds can come up with something which doesn’t annoy and anger the general population. And before any of you say anything, the Safestyle Ad is only well known because of how awful it is. It doesn’t portray the double glazing industry as one to be respected.

I had a bit of fun with this earlier on with some of you on Twitter. I’m challenging you to come up with some new ones. @AlumTradeSupply came up with this one: *sings* ELITIS ARE FANTASTIC, YOU’LL BE WARM IN ALUMINIUM WOOD OR PLASTIC” #andrewlloydwebbereatyourheartout @ListerTF @glazingblogger

I don’t think there’s any doubt that the one above is better than ShoutyShouty UK! This is just a bit of fun and would like to read your suggestions!