I got sent this today:

If you can’t read the text, you should be able to click on the image to enlarge it. Anyway, the point that was made to me in the accompanying email was that a) it surely isn’t fair that companies should still be able to get away with not paying their suppliers and their tax bill, which in this case it was rumored that the tax bill was rather large, and b) why do suppliers still continue to supply these companies with their products even though they took them for thousands?

They guy who sent me this has a point. Surely by now there should be some major penalties for people who manage to avoid owed money by using clever loop-hole tactics.

The more pressing point he makes to me is that suppliers really need to b avoiding doing business with people like this. They have gone bust for a reason, why give them a second chance? They enter the industry probably only to do the same thing again, go bust. And doesn’t it tarnish the reputation of the suppliers themselves that they would deal with less-than-honest people and businesses?

I take his point. The industry could do itself a favor by freezing out these companies who tax dodge and avoid paying their suppliers. I know we all have strong opinions on this.