If you’ve been following mine or @AlumTradeSupply’s tweets this week then you’ll know that DGCOS have launched their new…ahem…publicity site; www.myglass.org.uk to help…ahem…’educate’ the public on who to choose when installing double glazing. However, there a few, rather major issues with this site which seems to have annoyed pretty much everyone in the industry.

All of these issues centre around the ‘Horrors’ part of the website:

The online area of our industry has been trying so hard for the last few years to improve the image of our industry, to try and shake off this cowboy image. Then this site comes along and has VIDEOS of people talking about their bad experiences with double glazing companies! That’s NOT the way to do it! If there are any potential customers reading this, this is NOT how the double glazing community operates. These videos portray an extremely small minority who have not so great experiences. I would like to state that there are many, many double glazing companies out there who do a very good job and have hundreds and thousands of very happy customers!

This whole site, right from the Home page, makes out that if you’re not a DGCOS registered installers, then you’re classed as a cowboy:

MyGlass.org.uk helps you find reputable glazing installers and rate your experience – helping others make informed decisions.

MyGlass.org.uk helps ensure you have comprehensive protection and search for an installer who has met the strict criteria and standards needed to be certified with the Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS).

All installers who have passed the rigorous vetting system offer excellent customer service, value for money, quality workmanship and strong after-sales care.

Peace of mind protection before, during and after installation…

Using an installer through MyGlass.org.uk ensures you are protected! Free advice, comprehensive guarantees, along with free help, free inspections and free mediation in the event of a dispute or complaint. Discover more with MyExplanation

MyGlass.org.uk – gives you unrivalled peace of mind when choosing a double-glazing and conservatory company.

Then there’s this:

Watch real life customer testimonial videos and find out what can happen when you choose an installer who doesn’t offer the protection you need.

Then more negative:

MyGlass.org.uk provides you with the safety blanket you need should a complaint arise. Free advice, underwritten guarantees, deposit protection, not to mention help and access to compensation if things go wrong…. these are just some of the benefits that will give you peace of mind protection.

The text throughout this whole site is condescending towards those who aren’t DGCOS installers and only tries to frighten people into thinking that if they pick anyone other than a DGCOS installer then they are going get a cowboy and have a terrible installation!

The industry doesn’t need sites like this. No negative! Nothing negative, especially from a company that claims to be helping the industry as well as the consumer! Hopefully consumers will see through this charade and not fall into believing the false hype this site tries to create.

And a challenge to the owners of this site: why have you spun this so negatively? Why have you included a ‘Horrors’ section on your site when YouTube already has more than enough amateur footage? Why is it written in such a way that it portrays all non-DGCOS members as cowboys?

Another word to any potential consumers, there are 9000 FENSA registered companies out there and only a few hundred DGCOS installers. There is a reason for that.