Remember the DGCOS? They’ve been quiet for the last few months haven’t they!?

I had a quick scoot round their website the other day and found that very little has been updated. In fact the news section on their site hasn’t been updated for 6 months! The last new news posting was at the beginning of September! Have they nothing to report on?

They certainly did ruffle some feathers when they aggressively joined the GlassTalk forum a couple of years ago, sparking quite fierce criticism of the company and their methods. One point that was constantly picked at was their screening process. Their claim of not allowing companies who had phoenixed into the scheme had major flaws and was quickly blown wide open, prompting mass debate on the forum.

On a personal level, they were far too aggressive for my liking. Way too brash on GlassTalk, and by all accounts way too brash and in-your-face in real life. If you’re coming into this industry with a new idea you need to be humble, ready to listen to your audience and talk openly and on the same level as everyone else. Members of the DGCOS did not behave in this manner and brought on themselves much of the criticism they received from the start.

They set themselves a target from the outset for how many installers they were going to sign up within the first year. I can’t quite remember what that number is, I think it was 100. I’m sure someone will confirm or correct me on that! I personally don’t think they have met their targets and I put that down to their poor personal relations skills and flawed and much criticized screening process. Press releases have waned and online activity from the company has become just a trickle. In my eyes, the scheme has now failed. It had the workings to be something good, but was spoiled by the wrong people running it.