DGCOS Childish Snipe At TGO

This was sent to www.fenestration-news.com earlier on today: Dear Ian, I read with some bemusement that TGO is now proclaiming itself as the 'official' industry ombudsman. How exactly does membership of the BIOA make TGO the 'official' ombudsman for the industry? It does not. TGO is a watered down version of DGCOS with limited consumer [...]

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How NOT To Portray Our Industry

If you've been following mine or @AlumTradeSupply's tweets this week then you'll know that DGCOS have launched their new...ahem...publicity site; www.myglass.org.uk to help...ahem...'educate' the public on who to choose when installing double glazing. However, there a few, rather major issues with this site which seems to have annoyed pretty much everyone in the industry. All [...]

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>Another Ombudsman Joins The Industry

>Looks like we're going to be dragging up the ombudsman issue again, as a GGF and FENSA backed scheme enters the fray, with their main rivals of course being the DGCOS. Here is the statement on their website:The Glazing Ombudsman Scheme has been launched for the Glazing Industry covering the installation of replacement windows and [...]

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>Simple Solution

>I'm wading in and back out of the DGCOS debate very quickly here!You know, there wouldn't be a need for things like DGCOS (who claim to protect companies against non-paying customers) if companies conducted themselves in the correct manner. Think about it, it's simple. If the company does the job correctly from start to finish, the [...]

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>Pack Up And Go Home

>This is just a very short note on the subject of DGCOS.Simply, if you have to constantly defend yourself from this much criticism and scepticism, you have to take a long hard look in the mirror and realise that you've been rejected.The best thing to do now is to go away, analyse every part of your [...]

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>The First Test For DGCOS

>One of the main principles of which the DGCOS was set up on, was to protect customers against rogue companies who go bust and phoenix time and time again. After all, this is the sort of practise that the industry wants to get rid of. So, when we heard of Croston Conservatories (one of the [...]

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>Not Much Left Of 2010

>There is just about 4 working weeks left till we all pack up for the year and enjoy some well earned rest and partying. So I thought this might be a good time to start reflecting on the year we've had.UncertaintyThe beginning of the year I think many will agree was a very uncertain one. [...]

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>The Real Reason Why DGCOS Hasn’t Exploded Onto The Scene

>An interview with Tony Pickup in the GGP Magazine revealed their tough qualification process for installers:The Double Glazing and Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS), has released figures showing that 39% of installers do not succeed in gaining accreditation.Launched earlier this year, the scheme has attracted many long established and reputable firms but many installers fail to [...]

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>The DGCOS Debate 2

>I feel the debate about the DGCOS is due to run it's course sometime soon, and personally I'm starting to tire of the whole thing.All of us with an opinion have made their opinions known, and most of those have been negative ones. It's too expensive. It's a gimmick. It's another unnecessary governing body. It [...]

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>Where Are We Now With The DGCOS Debate?

>The DGCOS debate rumbles on. Tony Pickup has become more vocal on the GlassTalk website. More and more people have become vocal against the scheme. Yet the steady trickle of companies signing up to the scheme carries on.The amount of companies that have signed up stands in the low hundreds, which on the face of [...]

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>The DGCOS Debate

>Last week, BBC Breakfast brought to the UK the new Double Glazing and Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme. And since that broadcast, the DGCOS, what they stand for and what they say have come under intense scrutiny from the double glazing industry.The aims of the DGCOS according to their website is to help installers separate themselves from the [...]

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