I’m wading in and back out of the DGCOS debate very quickly here!

You know, there wouldn’t be a need for things like DGCOS (who claim to protect companies against non-paying customers) if companies conducted themselves in the correct manner. 

Think about it, it’s simple. If the company does the job correctly from start to finish, the customer (assuming they are genuine people as 99.9% of them are), won’t have a reason to hold back payment. If the installations company does things like:

1. Have polite, courteous sales people who fully explain the product and the proposed work.
2. Keep the customer informed and kept within the communication loop at all times. Making sure they know at what stage their installation is.
3. Install their products to the same standard as they saw in the showroom, without major defaults or problems.
4. Install products by fully qualified fitters, who are clean, tidy, efficient and fit to a high standard.
5. Provide a good after sales service after installation.

These are all simple steps, but ones which we carry out here and we practically never have a problem with customers not paying, as we don’t give them an excuse to.

The other advantage is that you’re less likely to collect the type of customers who are non-payers as they know they probably won’t get away with it.

See! DGCOS rendered useless (in my opinion anyway!).