There’s not many window manufacturers that can boast reaching 40 years old, but this year, John Fredericks Plastics can boast just that!

The company was founded in 1972 when windows were still firmly wooded. They company quickly adapted to PVCu and in 1995 worked very closely with WHS Halo in 1995 to produce the first fully sculptured window in the industry – which proved immeasurably popular. Since then the company has focused continually on innovation and quality, garnering an unusually loyal customer base in an industry where loyalty is very rarely mentioned.

The company employed 70 staff in the beginning, which has now more than double to 150 and is now part of the A & B Glass group and has been since August 2009.

Fredericks’ close relationship with WHS Halo has continued and now stock a window which achieves A+13 on the energy efficiency scale. Beyond that, on the door security front, they are also looking into finger print technology for entrance doors!

The company I work for have used John Fredericks for almost three decades and are one of their longest serving customers. In that time we have been continually impressed by their product, staff and help in making sure we sell as much as we possibly can. It is of no surprise to us that this company, based only a few miles away from us in Huddersfield, has now reached 4 decades in business. In fact, we still get our old previous customers coming back to us making sure we still use a John Fredericks product, actually asking for it by name. You can’t say that about many window manufacturers!

Happy birthday and here’s to another 40 years!

To learn more about John Fredericks and the products and services they offer, contact Steve Darkin on 01422 314100.