When the Building Regulations changes came into force in October 2010, it was the industry’s understanding that if an installer was using a supplier which had a fully glazed window tested by an official inspector and was registered with the BFRC, then that installer could use their certificate to show compliance. As you remember, the WER Accredited Installer scheme was slow to take off and wasn’t adopted by the majority of the industry, hence the alternative method of compliance of using your own manufacturers BFRC certificate – for free.

However, I have been made aware by someone, and that someone is a reliable source, that you are now saying that to be able to use a BFRC certificate, that installer now has to actually be a member and cannot use their manufacturers certificate. On top of that, I have been informed that in your communications with this person, you explained that the original understanding of using your own manufacturers certificate to show compliance has never been that.

I can pretty much guarantee you that every single installer that doesn’t manufacture their own windows and buys their windows in, fully glazed, will be using their suppliers certificate as a method of compliance, and probably on their literature and website. Because this was the understanding of the regulations at the time. So, by your explanation to this source of mine, this is going to put thousands and thousands of installers on the wrong side of the regulations, because you’ve moved the goal posts. What’s worse, is that in your discussions with my source, you want £140+VAT per year. How do you think that is going to come across to the rest of the industry?

I can’t help but feel that you’ve spotted a chance to make yet more money out of an industry which isn’t exactly flush at the minute. And you’ve made a grey area even greyer! Clearly the industry wants to make sure it does their jobs correctly, so if you could please clarify to all installers and suppliers how to correctly go about showing the correct method of compliance that would be greatly appreciated!