It still amazes me how many companies still only offer a C rated window as their standard offering. In October 2010, as we all know, the law changed to make the new standard of energy efficient window a C, up from E. But with A rated windows being very readily available, I still think there is a large part of our industry who still don’t want to offer it.

When WER’s arrived, there was a great deal of scrutiny as to how the energy ratings were actually calculated and how accurate the results were. But I think we all pretty much decided that rather than spoil what is a very good sales tool, it would be better for all if we just got on and sold the windows rather than pick it apart. What I then found was a splitting of the industry somewhat. We were noticing that some companies, some sizable local competitors were saying that A rated windows didn’t actually exist! We were even accused of lying! What was clearly going on, and is still going on, is that those who have chosen NOT to go for A rated windows are struggling to sell against those who do – therefore relying on lies and false information to try and sway the customer, mostly failing to do so.

Lets face it, the cost between a C rated window and an A rated window is minimal (well it is in our case). We chose years ago to sell only A rated windows as standard. So no starting at C and charging more to go up to A. We didn’t see the point. Why skimp on a few quid to sell a window that is still going to lose heat? Why not go out on a limb and chose to be better than your competitors?

What I would like to know from those who do sell C rated windows is why? Is it because you don’t believe that an A rating is genuine? Is it because your manufacturer charges significantly more for A rated windows? Do you think customers aren’t that bothered about A rated windows and only want to go for C?

For me the choice is simple; no settling for just the minimum. Go for A rated windows as standard, don’t start at C and work your way up. Show the customer that you sell the highest quality as standard.