In my last post about Everest and them being featured on Watchdog on the BBC, the issue of their prices came up. The projects that people were paying for were in the tens of thousands, which, lets be honest, is way, way above what everyone else seems to be charging for their wares. So, this sorts of brings in to focus the issue of pricing.

What is a good price for a door? What is a good price for a window? Obviously there are going to be regional differences, the south being the more expensive part of our industry. And of course the differences of quality will have an effect. But in my opinion, for high quality door fit by qualified installers and with some good company background I think you can sell a door for easily £1000, maybe more, say £1250. An average sized white window, say 1800 x 1200 with two side openers should be being retailed at at least £500. Emphasis on the ‘at least’ part.

I would like to know what thoughts you have on this, and what you charge if you’re willing to share that sort of information!

Short one this one! I promise the next few posts will be a bit more in-depth!