The Average Cost Of A New Conservatory Is £5300…Apparently

The industry's Twitter community is usually quiet on a Sunday afternoon, with just a few tweets going out either about football or what @NewBuildsNo1 has been cooking for dinner that day ;-) However, debate erupted after Ultraframe tweeted some research done by a company called Zopa which claimed that the average cost of a new [...]

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What A Surprise!

A news report on the TV this morning really had me in stitches. I was watching Sky News when they reported that 6 high street furniture stores are being investigated as it is believed they MAY have been using fake prices in their sales and discounts. WHAT A SURPRISE! I am sure that this will [...]

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National Average Prices Survey: Results

Back in May I started a survey which aimed to try and collate enough information to work out the national average price of some of the most popular work done within our industry. I didn't get quite as many responses as I wanted in the end, but I think I have enough now to paint [...]

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New Price Code

The OFT (Office of Fair Trading) recently announced it's findings from an investigation into supermarket pricing. It revealed some points that strike a rather similar chord to our own industry: Product is sold at an inflated price for a limited period at low volume in just a few stores, then rolled out across all stores [...]

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We Create Our Own Problems

There has been much discussion over the past couple of weeks about pricing both on a national scale and locally. We saw this week the trouble at Uniglaze, which then sparked conversations on here, and on Twitter, about the way the industry goes about it's pricing. Lets face it guys and gals, a lot of [...]

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Cheap Prices Are Wrong

Don't let that blog title deceive you, I'm not saying that all prices for all products should be expensive! Let me explain... I drove past a Carpet Right van the other day. On it's side it said: "driving prices down". But that then got me to thinking about the whole supply chain, not just of [...]

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Glass Cartel To Raise Prices…Again.

I have been told today that Pilkington, Saint-Gobain and the rest of the glass cartel are ready to either 'raise prices or they have done already.' Oil is down, petrol and diesel prices have come down, operating costs haven't shot up over the past few months as far as I'm aware, so why the sudden [...]

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General Pricing

In my last post about Everest and them being featured on Watchdog on the BBC, the issue of their prices came up. The projects that people were paying for were in the tens of thousands, which, lets be honest, is way, way above what everyone else seems to be charging for their wares. So, this [...]

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>Doors For £800 to £1000

>My most recent poll: How Much Should An Average Door Be Sold For? has finished, and the clear winner, and what most people think is that the average door in this industry should be sold for between £800-£1000. The rest of the results are below:These are how the results were split:£400-£600: 12£600-£800: 3£800-£1000: 23£1000+: 5There [...]

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