Don’t know about you, but have the sales of composite doors gone flat a little bit over the last few months?

There was a period last year when all we did was sell composite doors. But now, we have only sold a handful this year so far. Most people that sign up with us actually go for these types of doors:

Our customers tell us the prefer the bigger glass area with these types of doors, the bespoke triple glazed units. It has more locking points which I suppose if you’re security conscious then is going to be a big selling point.

Maybe it’s just me and we’re a blip in comparison to the rest of the industry. But gauging our sales, and from what I’ve been seeing on Twitter and on other blogs, composite doors really are off the menu a bit. Again, this could just be a blip and things will pick up again in the coming months.

I’m sure that one of you out there will either prove me right or wrong and agree or disagree with this. But it would be good to know what type of door is most popular at the moment. As I’ve said, the type of door above is what is really popular with us at the minute. Don’t get me wrong, I do still like composite doors and they do still have many advantages, but I’m basing this analysis on what our customers tell us.

The PVCu door above is roughly £150-£200 more than a composite from us. Personally, I think on a quality scale it is better than composite. Again, not saying the composite door is rubbish, but if I were to use a football analogy, I’d put the PVCu engineered door in the Champions League bracket and the composite door in the Europa League!

Thoughts and comments are welcome as always!