Every once in a while I like to help out some of my Twitter pals, and this time round it is the turn of @richy1p!

To give you a simple breakdown of his business; Richard creates QR code stickers to be placed on your businesses’ vans or buildings:

He sends these out to business. When people scan this code with their smart phone, it sends them to a landing page which includes images of that company’s work, their contact details, a link to their website and they get a company listing on www.tradesbook.uk.com. It’s a very simple, creative and modern way to help boost awareness and presence of your business.

It’s also very cheap! The costs are £50+VAT per year. That’s it! For that you get all of the above. The business is a new one, but I don’t think that is anything to be scared of. £60 isn’t a lot of money to spend to see if this works out for you.

It also serves as a SEO tool. Through active Twitter promotion and by adding unlimited images to the company’s Facebook page, any weblink that is associated with the landing page gets elevated in Google’s searches!

The idea is timed perfectly. Most people have a smart phone now, with the ability to scan QR codes which if you have noticed are popping up on everything and anything! Curiosity alone gets people scanning these codes. It’s a great idea at exactly the right time and suitable for any industry. @richy1p is also good for a chat on Twitter too!