The roads are a dangerous place. I was reminded of this fact on the way to work this morning. I was happily driving along in the sun, doing the speed limit I might add, when some old giffer and his even older and giffery in the passenger seat decided he didn’t want to stop at the junction and nearly careered into the side of my car. Luckily I was aware enough to slam on the brakes. I let him know what I thought of him of course!

This got me to thinking, as I usually do. Are the people in our industry more likely to be involved in a traffic accident? Think about it. If you’re a salesman you’re going to be out on the road most of the day, if you have 3 leads that’s possibly 6 journeys there are and back to the office. Then you have to get to work and go home. You may also have some PR calls to make to customers. In all, you can quite easily make 10 journeys a day – that’s 10 chances in which another car could hit you or at least be of hindrance to you.

If you’re a fitter it won’t be as many. But you may have more than one job to do in a day so again, 6 journeys is easily possible. Surveyors may also have the same amount of journeys as a sales person if business is brisk. Other professions don’t do nearly as much driving. So through my basic logic that my brain is capable of, I think those in the double glazing industry are more at risk of a traffic accident than most!

So, if you’re reading this and you’re not in windows, please leave us alone and stay a good 50 yards away! Also, please leave a comment if you have been involved in an accident on the way to a lead, installation or survey. The biggest accident wins. You don’t win anything, just bragging rights!