This is a second post today I know, but I had to share this all with you. Some of you may have seen this video before, some maybe not. I was only shown this today, and being the glazing nerd that I am, got very excited about all the possibilities smart glass technology could bring to our every day lives! 

This video is 11 months old, and some of the technology shown in the video is already available. The smart tables which recognize phones and cameras are already available from Microsoft. TV’s are being launched as we speak which are already connected to the internet and have in-built features like Twitter, video and email. Samsung have just brought out a smart window, it looks just like a normal window, but with all the interactive features that a laptop and an internet connection can provide you with. 

I know that BMW and Mazda are looking into touch-screen dashboard technology for cars at the moment, and new cars featuring the tech will be out shortly.

For those with the investment capability and vision, maybe some of these new advances are something which window companies could look at and see if they could integrate some of it into their products.