If you haven’t noticed, it has been raining. A lot!

Prior to April, we had one of the warmest and driest March’s in history. But since then we have week after week of heavy and prolonged rain. Despite this, we are still in drought conditions apparently! This is the wettest drought I’ve ever seen!

Rain obviously hampers the progress of window installers. Customers obviously don’t want holes putting in their home if the day starts with torrential rain. Nor can fitters install windows and door with power tools that shouldn’t be in the wet. Silicone can’t dry properly, tape won’t stick plus all the other inherent problems that come with rain and wind.

With this year seeing a marked improvement in sales volume, the last thing we need is prolonged heavy rain buggering up fitting schedules. Especially is you have 4-6 weeks work booked in already. A 6 week lead time can easily become 7 with the onset of bad weather.

We do try and get round it if the weather is bad. We usually work on the other side of the property, away from where the weather is coming from, at the permission of the customer.

Have any of you guys been hampered by the weather over the last few weeks? If so, how have you got round it? Have your lead times been extended or have you managed to keep on top?