Most of you will have noticed that I have added a couple more pages over the last couple of weeks.

More specifically, I have added a ‘Choose Aluminium’ page and ‘Choose Timber’ page. There has been debate, mostly on Twitter, about the advantages of timber and aluminium windows and doors. I would like to say at this point that I am still on the side of PVC, always have and probably will do for the foreseeable future. But, listening to other people’s arguments as to why their material of choice is better, my eyes have been opened.

Each material has their pride of place in the industry. The market is still obviously dominated by PVCu, but there are places where timber and aluminium suit best i.e. coastal buildings suit aluminium better. So for the interest of this site being as balanced as possible, I have added these two pages. Rather than me try and knock together these pages, I went to two experts within each of the industry, Peter, from Dempsey Dyer and Nick from Aluminium Trade Supply. That way the information is balanced, accurate and hopefully most people will agree with the points made.

So there we go, it can’t now be argued that I’m not providing a place for balanced debate and argument!