Seems like I’ve been away for a while, even though it’s only been about 5 or 6 days. Anyhow, after my usual mid-year festival break I am back and ready to roar back into the sales and the website.

The festival this year was pretty tough going. When I say tough going I really mean a massive, uncomfortable, inconvenient, grotty and tiring event. The minute we got out of the cars to drag our stuff to the campsites which were roughly 2.5 miles away, it started chucking it down. So by the time we were half way to getting set up, the mud was just ridiculous. It didn’t stop raining until Friday morning. Imagine Glastonbury, but worse. Swim suits and goggles would have been more appropriate. Oooh, should mention the massive hangover on Thursday I seemed to create. There, I’ve mentioned it.

Saturday and Sunday did see some drying out and I even managed to burn on the last day it was that warm and sunny! I think @SophiiMaria will agree with me that Metallica who headlined on the Saturday were by far and away the best band of the whole weekend. They certainly know how to get the crowd pumped and screaming their lungs out. Brilliant musicians, fantastic performers and they put on an amazing show.

Now a list for all the rock and metal fans: other bands I saw: Machine Head, Billy Talent, Shadows Fall, Black Sabbath with Ozzy, Lamb of God, Slash with Myles Kennedy, Nightwish, Steel Panther, Tenacious D, Fear Factory, Skindred, August Burns Red and Shinedown. Probably more but that’s all I can remember!

All in all, we had an amazing time despite the mud and the rain. It’s all about the music and the people you are with when it comes to these sorts of events, and I spent it with some great people and met some very nice Scottish people who were our neighbours for the week!

But with all that done with and my voice rather hoarse, it’s time to get back to my day job selling and doing this. So if anyone has anything they would like me to talk about specifically please leave a comment below or email me at and I’ll see what I can do! I’ll also be back on Twitter, I know you have all missed me ;-)

So, have I missed anything?