The Green Deal is now just four months away from being implemented. And as far as I’m aware, there are still some issues to be ironed out before the finished article hits the industry at some point in October.

There was a new development today. The Government is considering a cash back arrangement as part of the Green Deal. Although quite how a cash back deal would work on a loan attached to the property is a mystery to me. This is something I will have to look into and report back later once I know how the idea would work.

I’ll be honest, looking at the discussions on Twitter and on here from other posts, it’s not all that clear that many installers will be actually taking part in it. At the very least not many have come out to say that they will be actively taking part in it.

Working for a small installations company, I can say confidently that if the Green Deal looks like it will benefit all windows companies and will give everyone a fair chance at making the most of it, then we will actively be part of it and promote it to customers who feel like this is their best option. I know that the GGF is lobbying the Government hard and regularly to make sure the industry, the core industry and not the jolly come latelys like Tesco, is evenly represented.

For the scheme to work and work well, it is going to need the backing of the industry and many thousands of businesses to take part so that the general public gets to know about the deal as soon as possible and know what the advantages are. Without inclusion, the deal won’t take off and the public won’t take advantage. I still think the scheme will provide a boost for an industry which is still seeing major difficulties around the UK. We need this to work.

What I would like to know, and I know that David Bingham who suggested this post will be keen to know, is how many of you out there will be looking to take part in the Green Deal and what positives and negatives you have about the scheme, coming up to just four months until expected implementation?