In a new age of openness and honesty, there are still large swathes of our country and economy which are still run by the dishonest and incapable.

We currently live in a country where the every week the banking system appears to be more corrupt and only serves to rip off the general public. To top that, we have a Government which seems unable to do anything about it, is as corrupt as the banks themselves and seems determined to sink the country into further economic mess by pressing on with, in my view, cuts that go far too deep.

To me, the general public has lost faith in our two biggest institutions which run the country. A dangerous situation when you look at what has happened in other countries over the last couple of years. Look at the unrest in Spain, Greece and Italy.

Indeed, we had our own unrest last August where hundreds of buildings were set on fire, with tens of millions of pounds worth of damage caused all over major cities in the UK. I remember watching on TV those horrific pictures of the furniture store that was nearly 100 years old, a building which survived the blitz, burned down for no reason at all.

A lot will say that it was an excuse for mindless youths to go and cause havoc, and on the most part I would agree with that. But I also think the in the mix was resentment at the state of the economy, an increasing lack of money and very low job prospects and jobs in general. As well as a chance to cause mischief, I also saw it as a chance for people frustrated with the system to vent their anger on the streets. I could sense that something in the population caused them to snap.

This is where I feel the country as a whole is going. People are fed up with whole industries not going about their business in a manner which respects them, and are fed up with a Government which just doesn’t seem to listen to it’s own people. You can feel it. People’s patience is running thin. People venting their frustrations on TV and on social media. You sense that something is building.

The way I see it, I can see last August’s riots happening again. This time, not because of a shooting, but because of the lack of patience  people prepared to put up with such corrupt systems and a pathetic Government not listening to the people. Obviously I hope that such things never happen again. But how long can a frustrated and angry population keep its cool?