White is dead! Well, sort of. The appetite for colour from both customers and architects is growing year on year and pushing white PVCu ever so slightly into the back ground.

And we’re not just talking about the standard wood grain colours here. Gaining popularity is black wood grain, Grey, Cream and in some cases and on the right property, pale Green John Fredericks will have Chartwell Green coming very soon. What is important, is that the demand for colours and different wood grain effects is being driven more by the consumers than the suppliers. Probably due to programmes like Grand Design pushing the boundaries of what a home can be and look like.

So this is a good thing. However, to be able to cope with the demand of customers requiring different colour options, or if you are hoping to enter the colour market and take advantage of this new found enthusiasm for differentiation, you need a supplier which is able to give you what you want.

John Fredericks is such a supplier who will be able to meet your requirements. Whether its cream wood grain for a cottage or Grey for some swanky new flats in the city, John Fredericks covers it and anything else in between!

As well as colours, John Fredericks also do a very high energy A rated windows and a brilliant triple glazed window too. Again, available in all colours!

To speak to John Fredericks about what they could do for you, contact them on Twitter: @NewbuildsNo1 or @jfplastics, call on 01422 314100 and ask for Thomas Monks or email: sales@johnfredericksplastics.co.uk.